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SimiCart is a complete platform to build Magento mobile apps for Android and iOS. Mobile apps which are specially optimized for mobile devices will enable customers to visit your store whenever and however they'd like: at work, at home, on a tablet or a phone.
free magento mobile apps for magento store

What makes SimiCart so powerful?

Launch your apps on Appstore
It takes you few hours to build and few weeks to launch your apps on Apple and Google store. Customers can dowload anytime.
Build native apps
No mobile coding skills? No worries. Thanks to automatic building, SimiCart enables you to build native apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.
No need to import products to app.
It doesn't require you to import productsto mobile seperately. Your mobile app and Magento website are fully integrated.
Showcase all your products and services on mobile.
You can sell any producton mobile. SimiCart support most Magento product types, such as simple, configurable, bundle and grouped!
Customers view products...
Anything customers can do on website, they can do it on mobile: login, manage orders, view, make a purchase and more.
Support all Magento offline payment methods
The basic mobile payment methods, such as : Credit Card Saved, Bank Transfer, COD will certainly fasten the mobile shopping.
Want more advanced features? See our paid editions

Here are Magento mobile apps built by someone just like you!

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